Paddlefish Partners Developers

Dedicated Home Developments in Williston, ND

Paddlefish Partners is dedicated to building quality single family homes in the Williston, North Dakota Basin. We pride ourselves in offering homes that deliver the best of North Dakota style living. Explore our newly developed housing communities and homes for sale in Williston, ND.

Paddlefish believes that an important component of satisfying the long-term energy needs of the United States will be met by new technologies being applied to shale formations in the Bakken and elsewhere. The people who work on building this energy infrastructure are relocating their families to North Dakota. They will be looking to establish themselves in communities that are safe, comfortable and family orientated. Paddlefish provides well built homes in good neighborhoods that offer lasting value.

Paddlefish has partnered with Lakeside builders to build these housing communities.

For more information or to view our properties, please contact:

Kristy Aasheim

701-580-8116 (office)
406-480-9383 (cell)

Joe LaFave

701-774-6616 (office)
906-282-3005 (cell)

Michael Litt

203-202-3810 (office)
917-496-7118 (cell)